Playback your favorite OA Meetings

I’ve created an Excel Spreadsheet where you can find access to all the OA recorded Big Book Meetings using their 24-hour playback numbers or MP3 archives.

Click Big Book Recorded Meetings which is the link to the Dropbox folder where you’ll find the Spreadsheet titled “OA Big Book Recorded Meetings” which has 3 pages (tabs). The 2nd tab is called “Best Ones” and gives a list of favorite recordings. Let me know if you have any you’d like included there. (See my “Your Questions Answered” page for details). In the Dropbox folder, you’ll also find: “Recorded Big Book Phone Workshops,” most of which are addressed to helping compulsive overeaters.

You may also want to check out the following Other Big Book Resources in that folder:

  • Joe and Charlie Workshop (12-Step Study RECORDINGS with a transcript containing all the visual aids used in the workshop which is addressed to alcoholics but may be adapted for use in any 12-Step group. Many of the recordings may now be accessed by phone as opposed to just MP3s.)
  • Reference #s to Playback Lines – Since some of the recorded OA meetings do not have easily accessible lists of their recordings available, I took the liberty of providing them in my Dropbox. Below are the meetings I’ve included. The rest may be found via the links  given on the last column of the Spreadsheet.
    • Big Book Discussion: Sponsorship Style (Note: This meeting is not on the OA Spreadsheet. You will find it on the other Spreadsheet referenced above as “Recorded Big Book Phone Workshops”.) Although it currently has no website, it is led by a long-time OA member, Andre W., who now not only leads this study Monday through Friday, but also facilitates the weekly Celebrate Recovery group in his home church in Ohio.
    • OA Big Book Love & Tolerance – Website pending. Meanwhile, you can access their list of past recordings in my Dropbox.
    • OA Primary Purpose Big Book Study – This is a chronological list of the recordings from all the weekly OAPP Big Book Studies, but note that the reference #s for the Friday afternoon meetings dated prior to 2016 are no longer accessible. Those are the ones with access code 390009#. But all the other ones work, all the way back to the first ones in 2014.
    • OA Primary Purpose Foundation Meeting – This is their meeting for Newcomers, covering the first 3 Steps. Only the 2016 recordings are provided, since earlier ones are no longer accessible.
  • Study Guides – PDF Handouts
    • Big Book Outline
    • Big Book Sponsorship Guide
    • Lawrie’s OA Big Book Study 2014
    • Steps to Recovery – Back to the 40’s
  • 12-Step Podcasts, Blogs and More – Links Page
    • OA Podcasts – Big Book Workshops and Speakers not included on the Spreadsheets.
    • Big Book Resources – Read and search the Big Book and 12 &12 online. Links to study guides, and other favorite bookmarks.
    • Blogs related to the Big Book – Includes all Prayers, Promises & “Musts” in the Big Book. More coming…

If anyone knows of any additional Big Book Resources which I may have missed, please send them to me at: iLoveMyRecovery “at”

Wishing you another faith-filled day, living joyous, happy and free,
John N. (CA)